President & CEO

Bridges BTC has rebranded!  Please meet our President and CEO Vanessa Vinicombe, MACC.

Vanessa has her Masters degree in Accounting from Florida Southern College and comes to Bridges BTC with over 25 years of financial experience.  She has a wealth of experience as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, as well as managed non-profit organizations.

Vanessa has a passion for the work of Bridges BTC and has also served as our Board of Directors Chairperson, with full knowledge of the challenges, mission, vision and organization structure.  As a parent of a disabled adult, she also brings real-life perspective of dedication and commitment to the Bridges BTC organization, its clients, and families and knows the importance of the business to the community.


Board of Directors

Chairperson: Chris Myers

Immediate Past Chairperson: Vanessa Vinicombe

Treasurer: Mike Durante

Secretary: Patti Akram

Director: Gina Rall

Director: Kaori Fischer

Director: Alec Russell

Director: Marsha Bewersdorf

Director: Dorothy Richardson

Director: David Prather

Director: Cheryl Bornemann

Director: Cheryl Shivel

Director: Bonnie Rudolph

Director: Kate DiIulio

Director: Bob Walters

Director: Susan Hammerling-Hodgers

Ways to Support Bridges

We offer multiple ways of giving and supporting the Bridges mission and supporting the Brevard special needs community. Donate today or look into how planned giving can help support the cause that means so much to you.