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Wish List2020-03-05T14:50:30-05:00

Wish List

  • 3-5 used wheelchairs to assist clients from day program in case of emergency/ fire drills.
  • Picnic tables and canvas canopies.
  • Greenhouse (on existing foundation) and/or hydroponics program (Cedar or Springwood).
  • Sports and exercise equipment, ‘parachute’ canvas (with handles), weights.
  • Bocce Courts refurbishment
  • 10-15 tablets/ I-Pads for employees and clients and 3 desktop computers-staff.
  • 4 round tables, window treatments,  for classrooms.
  • Refurbish Lobby area (e.g. new tile below front desk, integrated counter/desk unit) and outside mat (Bridges logo).
  • Replace ceiling grid and white tiles (Cedar).
  • Art and craft supplies
  • 2 Replacement Isuzu trucks for contracts and 2 replacement vans for group homes.