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Life Skills Development

Community Day Programs

Bridges day program operates Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00. We are unique in that we offer a variety of scheduling options for full or half day sessions. We offer training on employability, community participation, personal management, household organization, habilitation, and personal enrichment skills. We provide weekly art, music, exercise, reading, and job club classes. Life Skills development level 3 services are offered at a 1:3, 1:5, and 1:10 staff to individual ratios to meet the needs of each individual. We accept Medicaid Waiver and private pay.

Our Bridges Client Advocacy Council members are elected by their peers to advocate for their peers. They also plan activities, team competitions, and parties, do fundraising and have given back to the community through book and food drives. Our I-Force workforce assembles computer kits earning minimum wage and gaining valuable employability skills. We are not a sheltered workshop, no subminimum wages at Bridges.

Our team partners with Careers in Progress to help those individuals interested in community employment reach their goals.

Enrich Program

This full-day therapeutic program provides intensive habilitation activities for individuals with significant intellectual and physical challenges. Our qualified staff carefully monitors the health and well-being of each individual during activities, as well as provide a nurturing, stimulating environment each day.

I-Force Work Experience Program

Our I-FORCE program contracts with several local business partners to offer paid work opportunities in areas such as:

  • Packaging
  • Assembly

Individuals learn valuable work skills and are paid a commensurate wage based on their level of productivity.

COM/PASS Program

Our COM/PASS Program is a one-of-a-kind program tailored to each student’s pace and level of support. This program has six distinct program areas:

  1. Personal Management
  2. Community Participation
  3. Employment
  4. Habilitation
  5. Household Organization
  6. Personal Enrichment

Within each core, there are sets of materials that can be checked out by the student. These materials generate several activities that help the student to develop, maintain, and enhance different skills that can be used in class, at work, and in the community.

Everyone learns at his or her own pace and chooses what level of support works best for them

(e.g. verbal, physical, intensive, periodic) for each skill. Once each skill has been learned, validated, and used in an appropriate setting, students will receive a class certificate and various other achievement awards which are given at the end of each quarter.

Students and their coach also develop a personal portfolio that might include a daily record of progress, personal successes, and achievements in written notes, photographs, awards, and/ or on video, CD, or tape.

Life Skills Level III Program

We offer morning and afternoon classes 5 days a week that include:

  • Household Organization
  • Daily Living Activities
  • Budgeting
  • Community Skills

Using our COM/PASS Curriculum we help develop, maintain, and enhance a variety of skills.  This program is funded through Florida’s Home and Community Based Waiver.

Bridges BTC Advocacy Council

Our Community Day Program recipients have founded an Advocacy Council. The members of the council were elected by their peers to serve as advocates for their needs at Bridges BTC and in the community. They have helped plan monthly events and field trips.

Have Questions?  Give us a call or schedule a tour of our facility!

Contact Kate DiIulio, Senior Manager of Community Programs, at (321) 690-3464 Ext. 22 or email at for more information.