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The Bridges Foundation serves as a philanthropic support organization for Bridges, and its and affiliate organizations We developing sources of revenue, through gifts, charitable donations, investments, fundraising events and related activities as well as providing community relations for the Bridges organization.

Bridges Foundation

Behind the mission of Bridges is a community that cares.


Bridges Foundation

J. Carey Gleason, CFRE, Executive Director of Bridges Foundation

In April of 2014, the Foundation began its outreach for community support. Carey Gleason, Bridges Foundation’s Executive Director, leads the effort to educate others and inspire their support. She developed a strong Foundation Board and has launched 2 signature events; ‘Wacky Tacky Golf Tourney’ and ‘Special Art, Special Hands’ (SASH). Thanks to the efforts of Ms. Gleason, her wonderful committees and our giving community, the Foundation has raised several thousand dollars in support of Bridges programs and services.


There are several ways to give to Bridges Foundation

  1. Give directly by clicking here or call 321-690-3464, ext. 18.
  2. Give through the Community Foundation for Brevard by clicking here.
  3. Give through Planned giving, bequests, deferred giving, legacy gifts. To learn more, call 321-690-3464, ext. 18.



Christine Myers (Chris)
Vice-President, Sunshine Bank

Past Chairperson
Cindy Dropeski
Intercoastal Insurance

Vice Chairperson: CJ Johnson
Community Champions

Treasurer: David Wilkison
Business Development
DRMP, Inc.

Secretary: Mike McBride
President: McBride Marketing Group

Carey Gleason
Executive Director, Bridges Foundation

David Cooke
President, Bridges BTC, Inc.

Bonnie Rudolph
Chairperson, Bridges Board of Directors.

Bobbie Dyer
President, Dyer Mortgage Group

Les Hatter
Bengel’s Burgers Of Central Florida/5 Guys

Alec Russell
Shareholder, Gary Robinson

Hope Chanda
Community Volunteer

Rebecca L. Shireman
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center

Eric Hostetler
Attorney: Widerman Malek, P.L.

Monica Shah
Southeast Petroleum Distributors, Inc.

Jessica Andre

Ruthanne Heinly and Kyle Heinly

Akaila Amara
Account Manager, Digital Graphics

Bridges Foundation

Commissioner Andy Anderson leading the festivities


  • We are the oldest (61 years) and the only disability organization in Brevard County that offers a full range of services including day habilitation, work skills training programs, residential (e.g. group homes), employment services and supported living.
  • We operate a transitional home (Patriot House) for disabled veterans and partner with the ‘Wounded Warrior Program’ nationwide.
  • We operate a $2m full service recycling facility serving PAFB and KSC employing individuals with a range of disabilities through a specialized training program.
  • We offer ‘Quick Prints’ electronic background screening services to the Brevard County business community.
  • Since its establishment three years ago, Bridges Foundation has raised thousands of dollars in support of Bridges programs through grants and signature events like ‘Wacky Tacky Golf Tourney’ and ‘Special Art, Special Hands.’
  • We have received numerous national and local awards including NASA Blue Marble, Coca Beach Regional Chamber’s Non-Profit of the Year and Florida Today Volunteer Recognition Award finalist in 2016 and 2017
  • 68% of our funding for our programs is Medicaid related and an additional 15% from other government sources (e.g. VA, HUD, and Vocational Rehabilitation). The remaining revenue is generated from the sale of our products and services, grants and fundraising.
  • We employ more than 130 staff, most of whom live and work in Brevard County.


Bridges Foundation

Bridge Wacky Tacky Golf Tourney offers unique challenges to golfers and non-golfers alike.

In 1987, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed March Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and laid the foundation for significant social change by calling upon Americans to:

  • Provide the encouragement and opportunities necessary for people with developmental disabilities to reach their potential
  • Provide career planning, job coaching and supported employment

With the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, the goal of people with developmental disabilities leading productive, self-directed lives seemed within reach. National initiatives began to address the full spectrum of services needed for people with disabilities to live secure, fulfilling lives.

Passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in 2004, further championed this goal with programs of early intervention, special education and services to transition high schoolers into adulthood.

Today’s economic environment threatening advances made during the past 25 years. Taxpayer-funded programs for people with disabilities are now always under pressure and at risk:

  • School districts face shrinking budgets making it difficult to deliver special education mandates in schools.
  • Medicaid, which has funded many employment and community-based residential programs.

But we’ve come too far to turn back now.


If you want to become a Bridges Foundation member, volunteer or donate to help Bridges Foundation spread the word and raise money, please call 321-690-3464, ext. 18.


Bridges Foundation

Bridges clients and staff are on hand to help at the Tourney.

To donate to Bridges, please click the link below to donate via a secure connection through Paypal.

For planned giving to Bridges, here is some information you might find helpful.

Planned giving, bequests, deferred giving, legacy gifts.  They are all terms to describe the mode of donating through estate-planning vehicles such as trusts and wills.  Please consider our planned giving program as a way to leave a legacy of supporting our individuals with disabilities.

  1. Planned gifts can offer tax benefits to donors.

Estate planning tools such as bequests, IRA asset allocation, Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA), and Charitable Remainder Trusts offer significant tax incentives to donors.  For example, a bequest is 100% deductible from a donor’s estate and can reduce potential estate taxes.  A CGA offers the donor a tax deduction and can potentially sidestep capital gains taxes.  Certain planned giving vehicles also enable the donor to ensure that his or her heirs will be financially provided for, alongside supporting a charitable cause.

  1. Planned gifts offer donors a say in how the funds will be used.

Whether a donor is publicly memorialized by a bequest or remains anonymous is something that can be pre-decided by the non-profit and the donor.  The donor can also specify how he or she wishes the funds to be used–i.e. by supporting specific programs organized by the non-profit, creating a scholarship, or establishing an endowment.  Also, certain planned giving tools allow broad flexibility to the donor to make changes to the planned giving arrangement.

  1. Planned gifts allow donors to support a cause without affecting the donor’s current financial situation.

Since most planned giving can be structured to take effect after the life of the donor, the donor would not have to accommodate any changes in their daily lifestyle.

  1. Planned gifts give non-profits additional fundraising options.

The flexibility and relative simplicity of establishing a planned gift provides an innovative tool non-profits can pass on to their loyal members.

  1. Planned gifts are often larger than annual or capital gifts.Because of the built-in tax benefits and sentimental nature of giving the “ultimate” gift, planned giving amounts tend to be larger than annual donations or donations made from capital earned on existing bank accounts.

Planned giving provides donors and non-profit organizations a unique connection that can honor the wishes and life of the donor and also provide vital sustenance to the organization and cause.  If your non-profit organization is ready to set up a planned giving program, there are a multitude of online resources and how-to books that cover the topic.

However, you may prefer to engage an attorney who is knowledgeable about estate planning and also has a good working knowledge about tax implications for the non-profit as well as for the donor.


Thank you to all that made Bridges 2016 Wacky Tacky Golf Tourney & Social a success!! Our awesome sponsors. The leadership of Andy Anderson, co-chair Colleen Middlebrooks, amazing committee, and host of volunteers. We exceeded the goal, had fun and raised important funds to assist disabled veterans in our Brevard community.

Congratulations to the 2016 winner – Florida Bank of Commerce!

Click here for details about the 2017 Wacky Tacky Golf Tourney & Social.

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